How To Start a Law Blog

Almost 200 million blogs are currently present on the Web. Moreover, a lot of these blogs are related to law. However, not all blogs are successful and outstanding. Below are 8 tips for launching a law-related blog successfully:

1. Select a niche subject

Draw your focus to a topic that will generate buzz and a lot of traffic on the Web. The topic should also be one that you have adequate knowledge on. You can launch a blog based on geographic region (i.e. New York Lawyer), niche topic (practice tips, legal news) or even practice area (personal injury).

2. Focus on content that has quality

However important content is if it’s of poor quality, readers will turn to other blogs. Therefore, you should ensure that your blog has well-written content that is professionally and well researched.

3. Regular posting

Posting regularly will ensure that your content is always fresh and it will attract readers to the blog. Daily posting might be hard if you are busy but posting twice or thrice a week will ensure that your readers get fresh content regularly.

4. Engage readers.

Try to engage your readers by posting informative and controversial information that is cutting-edge. Also ask open-ended questions, start a dialogue and let readers comment to engage them fully.

5. Examination of web metrics

Use web metrics to measure page views and traffic. Metrics can assist you to measure your growth and discover the subjects that interest your readers.

6. Blog promotion

In order to get a lot of followers, ensure you actively promote the blog through ways like exchanging links with other bloggers, social media, participating in forums, and participating in blog carnivals.

7. Make use of SEO

Free web tools like Google Trends and Wordtracker can aid you to choose keywords that attract a majority of the people to your blog.

8. Include your Bio

Develop an “About” section that displays your background and skills and promotes your law business or practice, where applicable.

Therefore, if you follow the above advice on how to make a blog you should be able to launch a successful blog.